Aid in Dying

AID in Dying

The End of Life Option Act is obtainable for terminally ill adults who see their suffering too great or their quality of life too poor. This option allows them to request and obtain a prescription for medication to end their lives in the most peaceful way possible. We honor the patient’s right to choose their own terms, and as end-of-life professionals, we see it as our duty to be prepared, trained, and well-informed to provide any end-of-life care option available.

How Can We Help?

The good end-of-life care purpose is to offer as much physical, emotional, and spiritual comfort as possible. The service is not aimed at curing the disease but instead focuses on comfort, dignity, and quality of life. At Generation Hospice Care, we have specialized physicians unit, social workers, and nurses who will evaluate for qualification and educate and help our patients through this journey if/when asked for.

Who is eligible for the End of Life Option Act?

The patient must:

We offer all-inclusive end of life counseling services that emphasize your specific physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. Our caring team can provide you with all the essential resources if you’re considering AID in dying as an option. The purpose of this service is to ease your suffering and help you transition when you face a life-ending illness.