Why Do People Choose Hospice Care?

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    Why Do People Choose Hospice Care

    In 2020, around 1.72 million Medicare recipients opted for end-of-life care in hospice, representing a 6.8% increase in patient intake year-after-year.

    Hospice provides much-needed comfort and care for your loved ones as they near the end of their lives and offer you and your family some respite during this difficult time.

    It can be hard to make the right call for you and your family when it comes to palliative care. We’ve put together this guide to show why people choose hospice care to help you decide.

    Dignity is Prioritized

    Hospice and palliative care allow people to die with dignity. Rather than being put through invasive tests and procedures to prolong life, the person who is ill can benefit from the dignity provided by a less clinical environment.

    In a hospice setting, dignity and comfort are a priority. This means you can spend valuable time with your loved one, free from the buzz of loud medical machines and the bustle of a hospital or care home.

    Comprehensive Care Plans

    Providing the highest standard of care during someone’s final days is essential. By liaising with doctors, care nurses, social workers, clergy, and other professionals, a hospice care facility will work to build a care plan that addresses every aspect of the patient’s illness.

    At Generation Care, we have the experience to offer the support you need. We strive to build a personalized care plan for all our patients, focusing on respecting their final wishes.

    Hospice Care Lessens the Burden

    About 1.6 million people pass away in the US each year, and many families feel overwhelmed by the financial burden it causes. The hospital bills associated with end-of-life care can cause unneeded stress during an already difficult time, but by choosing hospice care, recipients can see their out-of-pocket costs significantly reduced.

    Medicaid, Medicare, and private insurance can also help pay for hospice care. Be sure to check your policy specifics to see which aspects of hospice care are covered.

    Familiar Environment

    Although care is generally provided in a hospice care center or facility, we also offer hospice care at home. Many people who are nearing the end of their life can benefit from concierge care in the home because it gives them a sense of relative normalcy and stability.

    During a free consultation, we can help you decide which care plan is most appropriate for your loved one and explain the process from start to finish.

    Choose Dignity With Hospice Care

    Deciding on hospice care for your loved one can help them retain their dignity and comfort during their final days.

    We understand this can be a difficult decision to make, so don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation. One of our team members will be happy to answer any questions you may have.